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I'm not only a survivor

My name is Julie, and I am a survivor and recoverer of domestic abuse.

I'm also a chef, a thrifter, a daughter and mother, a sister, a multi-business owner, a woman of color, a step child, an event manager, a bartender, a crossword in pen person, an optimist, a girl mom, a bread-a-holic, a farmers' market manager, a lover of profane language, , an entrepreneur, a momtrepreneur, a native of Washington DC, a romantic, a book lover, a hardcore carnivore, a special-needs children's advocate, a reseller, a feminist, a member of the Jewish faith, a child of the seventies, a Francophile, a Hollywood gossip lover, a writer, an alcoholic, a product of DC public Schools, a Simmons University Alumna, a believer of gratitude and prayer, a skincare fanatic, and an aquarius.

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